Sink Your Teeth into Houndstooth

Posted by on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 in Interior Design.

Of all the patterns that are out there, houndstooth is not one that normally comes to mind. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I own one thing in this pattern! While I enjoy houndstooth, especially in fashion, it is harder to come by for interiors. It’s just not commonly used and therefore not available in a large variety of items. This could be due to the pattern appearing jarring in larger applications, but that’s just the nature of houndstooth!

The checked pattern is notched at the corners, appearing jagged throughout just like hounds teeth, hence the name. It is mostly seen in a two-tone variation, but I was able to drum up some very cool color combinations in some great applications to get you thinking about how to use this pattern.

Houndstooth Tile

Artaic | New Ravenna

I absolutely love seeing tile in unexpected patterns. Previously I had shared with you ikat tile patterns that were very unique. Similarly these houndstooth tile patterns set themselves apart and make a statement, especially in color!

Houndstooth Accessories

One Kings Lane | Etsy Alive House | Brahms Mount

These items may or may not be on my wish list (wink). I especially love the throw blanket. In addition, I found a fun and easy DIY project for a ombre houndstooth stenciled rug.

So, if you can’t find the item you want in houndstooth, paint a stencil on it and you’re set! This fun idea got me thinking about stenciling houndstooth on a table runner or a holiday tree skirt. How exciting that would be!

The Holidays are Here

It’s unbelievable that we are less than two weeks away from Christmas. Luckily I don’t have any more shopping to do but I feel like I have a lot I want to accomplish before the new year. For one I need to file all of my piles of paperwork from this year. No matter what I do they end up in piles until the very end. That is why organization is one of my focuses for the new year. What goals or plans do you hope to accomplish in the new year? Let us know and maybe we can meet our goals together! Well, have a great rest of the week and stay warm out there!



A Vision in Red ~ Lee Broom

Posted by on Friday, December 9th, 2016 in Furniture Design.

Today I would like to share with you a couple of unique chair designs by London designer Lee Broom. I, like Steph, have a hard time designing with the color red. I was once told by a sculpture teacher “if you can’t make it good, make it red” and that has always stuck with me. However, every now and again I come upon a design that makes good use of this bold color. This happens to be the case with these Hoop Chairs by Lee Broom. The designs and color choice make these chairs modern, unique and sophisticated. Their use of negative space and sparse upholstery make them delicate and not so overwhelming, which can be difficult to achieve with such a sassy color.

Lee Broom Hoop Chairs

What do you think? I’m not sure I could have a dining room full of them, but the Hanging Hoop Chair might look awesome in the corner of my living room! If you like these designs you should definitely check out the rest of Lee Broom’s collection. They don’t list their prices, this is never a good sign, but their designs are very awesome and inspirational.

It’s finally Friday, I’m free again!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week and are prepared for this snowy weekend. I have been trying to get some of the larger R&WD related projects finished up this week including some work on our mobile site. As always, I’m not the best with coding, so if you see anything wonky, please let me know!

Now that I have wrapped up some of the larger work and home projects, I think I am finally ready for Vera, which is good because she could be here any day now! Steph and I will be sure to update you if I am MIA due to her arrival.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Be careful driving in that snow!



Exposed Red Brick

Posted by on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 in Interior Design.

I am thrilled to be thinking outside the box on this one! It was a bit of a struggle, but I finally had the thought to tell you about exposed red brick for this week’s red color theme. When it comes to red I am personally not a huge fan, unless it’s the holiday season…which it is! However, I did not want to do a typical ‘red for the holidays’ blog post, so I thought it would be a bit more interesting to show some awesome interiors with exposed red brick.

Red brick has been making a modern statement the last decade, seen mostly within older vacated buildings that have been repurposed into apartments. While the concept isn’t new it often resurfaces in new ways. I, for one, am not the type to take a brick fireplace and paint it white. I enjoy the natural brick and its beauty, as well as the story it tells. Moreover, it lends some great texture to a room (remember I love texture), adds weight to your space and portrays a rustic/industrial feel which is very popular right now. So, let me lay some brick on ya! Pun intended, of course.

Exposed Red Brick

Top to bottom: Jessica Lagrange Interiors | S&K Interiors | Impact Construction and Consulting | Open Meadow Custom Homes and Renovations

As you can see, exposed brick can work in a variety of spaces and in a modern way. You better think twice before painting that brick next time! Feel free to pull red through the room by adding some other red furnishings or accessories, otherwise, you can let the red brick be its own statement by using other complementary pieces. If you have the opportunity use the brick to your advantage then don’t waste your time trying to disguise it – embrace it.

What fun! Hopefully, the ideas are brewing. Let us know if you have exposed brick in your home that you want to work with. We love to hear from you. Happy holidays everyone and enjoy!