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Lately, Steph and I have really been working on bettering our life and business. In our journey, we have found inspiration in meetings, books, podcasts, and videos. Today I want to share with you some podcasts and youtube channels we have found helpful in our quest to becoming the best us we can be.

Life & Business Podcasts

The number one reason I love podcasts is that I am able to listen to them while I am jogging, running errands and doing creative work. They are also awesome for learning about a specific topic in 20-30 minutes, whereas a book could take hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love books too, but I feel like I can learn so much about a variety of topics in much less time when I am listening to podcasts and I am able to multitask. The other thing I really like about podcasts, particularly on the topic of creating a life and business, is that I get to hear the enthusiasm in the podcaster’s voice. This can be immensely helpful in really getting the motivation I need to get that pep back in my step.

“This is Your Life” – Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is an author, blogger, speaker, virtual mentor and the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He has also written seven books, including New York Times Best Seller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World and is the host of the weekly podcast This is Your Life dedicated to intentional leadership. This is by far my favorite podcast on this list. Michael is very upbeat and his podcasts are relevant and well structured. He often speaks on broad topics such as being more productive and bettering your outlook on life. I haven’t listened to a single episode that I found to be unhelpful.

“Online Marketing Made Easy” – Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is an author and marketing and social media expert and has worked with life coach guru Tony Robins to oversee content development and collaborate on online marketing campaigns. She is also the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and the host of Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I like that Amy is so energetic and excited about all of her topics and special guests. When I can find a podcast that is relevant I really enjoy listening and learning. What keeps this podcast from being my favorite is that the content isn’t always relevant to me. She often speaks directly to an audience of people who sell their own online courses. For me, this information often just isn’t applicable. I would still definitely recommend sifting through her extensive library of episodes though to find the topics that are relevant to you.

“Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” – Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis is an artist, writer, entrepreneur and the founder of Podcast Engine. He talks about personal development and geeks out about science. He is also the host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes a podcast that explores decision making and habit formation to help you create a better life. Gregg is younger and more subdued than the other two podcasters on this list. However, his episodes are still chalked full of useful information on broad topics such as how to fight procrastination and why you should make more lists. He is Steph’s inspiring podcaster of choice and is definitely worth checking out!

Life & Business YouTube Channels

The reason I love YouTube videos is because you are able to actually see the person that is speaking to you and that to me seems more personable. On the downside, I can’t take my videos running or in the car, and if I am working on something more creative then I am just listening to them anyway. Though, if I am able to take some time in the morning or at lunch, I really enjoy sitting down to watch and learn.

MarieTV: Create a Business and Life You Love – Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV. Her youtube channel, MarieTV: Create a Life and Business You Love, is a recent discovery of mine, but I really enjoy her upbeat attitude and inspirational topics. Her episodes are particularly empowering for female entrepreneurs and cover broad topics such as how to keep fear of criticism from crushing you and shameless self promotion.

The Perception Trainers – Ali Washington

Ali Washington is a Registered Nutritional Counsellor, Yoga Instructor, Trained Life Coach and published author. Her greatest commitment in life is to help others become the highest version of themselves that they wish to be. Ali is one of the younger mentors on this list and her messages are much less structured. She also specializes in self-love and creating the life you want, so her videos aren’t going to be full of business advice. If you struggle with confidence or self-worth then I would highly recommend her channel. I love her advice and encouragement on how to start living a happier more fulfilled life.

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend and can glean some helpful advice from these inspirational people!

Steph and I are in Virginia this weekend visiting some of my friends and family. Today we are celebrating little Vera with a baby shower at my parent’s house! I am looking forward to the food and gifts but more importantly the conversations and laughter that will ensue. It’s so nice to be able to go back home and catch up with loved ones and old friends. I’m sure my mother will take lots of pictures! If you are interested in pictures of our trip or any of the fun stuff we do throughout our week please check us out on Twitter!



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