Tiffany Blue Color Schemes

Posted by on Sunday, June 19th, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

When looking for inspiration in creating color schemes I love to look at pictures that I can extract individual colors out of to design a color scheme. Choose pictures of landscapes or even your favorite vacation photos. I found some beautiful architecture that has some great color concepts. I have shown here a couple of ideas showing the picture with the colors pulled out individually to show how they can be put together into a color scheme.

This color scheme is refreshing and timeless. The varying blues can be combined in artwork, rugs, and pillows while the gray would be beautiful on the walls. The deep blue would make for a wonderful sofa color while the white as an accent in chairs or occasional tables would create nice contrast.

These colors are very inviting, warm, and versatile. I can see the caramel brown being done in a leather sofa along with navy patterned chairs and a light blue on the walls. White and gray-blue accents will round out the space while keeping things bright.

What a fun and easy way to gather ideas and set a color direction! If you love these ideas let us know. We would love to hear what you think and how else we can help with your design dilemmas. Stay inspired!!



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