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By now you may know that Netflix has their own set of series that are only available through having a Netflix account. I, for one, have Netflix and do not have cable at all. So I rely on their selection for my tv entertainment. Now more than ever they have sooo many options to choose from for any age and any interest. I especially like a lot of the documentaries they offer but moreover I am in love with their Netflix Originals. Here are just a few that I recommend:

Stranger Things

When the writer’s for this show collaborated I do not think they realized exactly what they had on their hands. Stranger Things has gained a huge following so far and I am one person on that list. From the 1980’s nostalgia to the soundtrack, it is all wonderful from beginning to end. It would be the perfect watch for the fall season as it has an eerie story and some scary moments.

Master of None

On a much lighter note, Aziz Ansari stars in Master of None. I thoroughly enjoy Aziz’s sense of humor and awkwardness in this tv series. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person too! He seemed like a nice guy and I love his stand-up comedy, so I knew right away this show would be great. Give it a try for a great laugh.

Orange is the New Black

I realize this show may not be for everyone as the subject matter is a bit dicey, but this show had me from the start and has only gotten better with the second season. OITNB is for more a mature audience but has some very good ‘moral of the story’ moments that I enjoyed. The female camaraderie is wonderful and there are a lot of suspenseful moments along with laughter and tears. This show just has it all and I cannot wait to see more!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Absolutely hilarious to the point of exhaustion from laughing so much! Tina Fey has never let me down, and being the creator of this show, I knew it would be a great watch. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a bizarre concept that creates a funny reality for a woman who has been locked underground for years and suddenly emerges to a world that has passed her by. Let’s not forget the actress portraying Kimmy is quirky herself and plays the role to a ‘T’.

More Recommendations

Sense8 – nice effects and a neat sci-fi story.

Hemlock Grove – again, nice effects and a neat sci-fi story with some romance and drama.

Marco Polo – wonderful sets and costumes with a weaving story based on historical events.

I feel that I can keep going but I should leave you the opportunity to discover some for yourself! I’ll be catching up on some shows when the cooler weather arrives. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Let me know if you have any shows you recommend. I would love to hear them!



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