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Let me start by saying that I am new to the smart phone world. Yes, you read that correctly. I have only had my iPhone for less than two weeks now. Having very little experience, I got the hang of it pretty quickly and have started to really customize my phone and apps to my liking.

In a previous post Lauren shared with you some of the programs we love so I have most of the apps associated with those programs. In addition to those, I’ll tell you some of the others that I have and enjoy.

Photo Editing:

With the blog and social media sites we have I am regularly taking pictures – which is partly why I got a smart phone in the first place. For these photos and their edits I use A Color Story. There is a blog I follow, A Beautiful Mess, and they had a post about this program and all of its features. I have not invested in any of the add-ons yet but will be soon. I’m still trying to get the hang of things. It’s very simple to use and produces vibrantly colored images with little to no effort! I struggle with photo editing, especially on my phone, but I have enjoyed this app and how simple it really is for what you get out of it.


This may sound a bit odd, but I have Zombies, Run! as a running app that tracks my distance, time, and more. Believe it or not, this app is a lot of fun. If you are at all a fan of The Walking Dead series you will for sure love this. Or if you are looking for a change in your routine this is a great option for that.

Also, I have a few of the free workouts from Daily Workouts such as Daily Ab Workout and Daily Leg Workout. They are quick and easy to squeeze in to my day-to-day activities. No excuses!!


For a sleep aid and tracker I use Pillow. While I think it would be better with Apple Watch I still like some of its features such as the sleep aid sounds. Who doesn’t want to fall asleep to the sound of rain fall?! It’s just so relaxing…

I won’t go into detail with this next one, but ladies, check out Eve.. I’ll just leave it at that, period. 😉

Wish List:

There are a few apps that I have not gotten yet but they are definitely on my wish list. The first one is a game, hence me not getting it yet. Let’s just say I do not need another distraction in my day. It is Lara Croft GO. I have always been a huge fan of her and the Tomb Raider game series. I will have this game some day.

Another app I want to get is Sky Guide. This allows you to look up at the sky with your phone and it will identify the stars and constellations for you. So neat!

I am still on the lookout for a great recipe/cooking app. If you have any recommendations let me know! Also, if there is anything else that I should know on my journey with my iPhone, I’m all ears. Thanks and have a great week!



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