Winter White Dreamland

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One thing that I enjoy about the winter season is the magical, bright white snowfall. I get so excited when I look outside and it seems as though I am living in a snow globe! Imagine a space that can evoke that feeling and give you happy thoughts to dream about. Well, that’s what a winter white bedroom can do!

First of all, who knew there were so many whites to choose from? A lot of them vary just by the undertone, and the undertone color becomes more clear when you compare multiple whites side by side. Some have more of a red undertone which can appear to look pink, while others may have a blue undertone and look more grey. Make sure when you are choosing the perfect serene white for your space that you take a few samples home to see what color comes through when compared. For winter white, what you are looking for is a warmer tone. Here’s a great list of the 20 best white paints to help you narrow things down a bit.

How about we drift away to dreamland…

Winter White Bedrooms

Home Bunch | The Relaxed Home | Country Living | Magnolia | The Kuotes | Architectural Digest | Apartment Therapy

Talk about clearing your mind before bed! These spaces are very cozy and inviting, and with the emphasis being on texture rather than color, it allows you to relax and let go of the stresses of the day. If you need some ideas about how to add texture to a room, check out Go for Faux Fur and The Versatility of Velvet.

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