Why I Design

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If you had asked me as a kid what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have answered veterinarian, doctor, teacher, musician, or any other occupation that kids usually adore. One thing though, interior designer, was not on that list. In fact, it never became a thought until I started college. Even then I was just giving design a try to see if I even liked it.

Turns out I loved it! Not only did I enjoy putting materials and colors together, but I loved the balance it had with technical parameters and the need to be organized. Harnessing both creativity and structure, it is a great fit for me and I am always eager to learn more.

After graduating college I was ready to set out on the world with my new skill and expertise. This is where things got complicated. Interior design is a competitive field and there are a lot of areas of design specializations. Commercial or residential, kitchen or bath and even interiors of airplanes or yachts were just a few of the comparisons I made when looking for a job.

First I did visual merchandising, then I was able to try restaurant design, followed by what I am doing now which is residential design. The Raven & the Writing Desk is also another venture that I started with Lauren, but what’s next?

Well, I recently accepted a new position at a remodeling company. This will entail even more technicals while still creatively designing. I have been wanting to further my knowledge in ‘all things home’ and this is the next step to getting there.

I know that by learning more about the build of a home it will better my designs and allow me to achieve more with my clients at The Raven & the Writing Desk. That is also what I love about design; the constant change and the ability to always learn more. Interested in having me help create your space? Please take a look at the interior design services currently offered.

Why I Design

Not only do I get to have fun being creative but I get to help so many people improve their daily lives. I have the honor of finding their creative side and portraying that into a style that reflects them. All while increasing functionality and ease in their everyday routine. Change can be scary and exciting, and I am able to assist and experience that with my clients. All in all, it is a wonderful thing.

Why do you design? I would love to hear about your passions. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect on this like I have. Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday!



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