The Versatility of Velvet

Posted by on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 in Interior Design.

Luxurious and soft, velvet has been around since the 14th century. It was once associated with nobility and only available to the wealthy, but nowadays it can be made with natural or synthetic fibers, making it more affordable while still keeping its rich identity. What I love about this material is how it can work within so many spaces and easily combines with other textures. Let me show you what I mean!

Velvet Pop

Michelle Dirkse

This room uses velvet in a bold way with two fuchsia ottomans, placed front and center. Using velvet in a smaller piece can still make a great impact when done in a bright color.

Velvet MCM

Michelle Dirkse

These two black wing chairs in black velvet go nicely with the other mid-century modern styled furniture. Leather chairs could have been chosen for this space but I enjoy the softness and warmth of these chairs instead. Velvet can be used in a variety of styles and makes sense with both traditional and modern looks.

Velvet Pairings

Michelle Dirkse

The charcoal velvet sofa goes nicely with the other textures in this room. The metal and wood framed chair, glass coffee table, and linen-like slipcover chair all go nicely together with the velvet and are all grounded by a bright velvet-like rug.

Velvet Whimsy

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

While I may not initially think to use velvet for a home theater (think buttery popcorn), I absolutely adore this room! It is very unexpected and whimsical and the color is very vintage, but the classic movie posters and shag rug make it all come together. I can’t imagine anything other than velvet!

Velvet Focal

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The whole surround in this room is white and by adding the velvet cushions it makes this space more comfortable and not so sterile. In this case it is this material alone that makes the space and sets the tone for the room. My love of orange has gotten that much stronger!

As you can see, velvet can be used in a variety of ways, in different styles and colors, and for different rooms. Don’t be afraid of this material as it can be what defines a space. When on a small piece of furniture go for a bold color, and feel free to blend this texture with a variety of others. In any case have fun with these ideas and get inspired!



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