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Posted by on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 in Interior Design.

Happy new year! Hopefully everyone had the chance to relax and enjoy the holidays. I, for one, took an especially long break, but am feeling refreshed and ready to get back at it! Who’s with me?! Lauren had Vera last week and is enjoying some family time with the new little one. How exciting!

Well, over the weekend I went to the Remodeling and New Homes Show. I had an interesting conversation with a more mature gentleman about how he believes the younger generation is moving away from having ‘things’ in their home. I just figured it was due to them being younger and not yet having all that time to acquire ‘things’. Thinking more about it, I realized that design trends have changed and with the more modern style there is less of a desire for clutter. Clean, straight lines overshadow the curved, ornate lines that once were. This brings me to the topic at hand: Scandinavian design.

My Scandinavian Home

If you are looking to pare down your belongings and simplify your life, Scandinavian design may be just what you need. With an emphasis on minimalism and multi-functional pieces, this design style has the younger generation hooked. If you are wanting to achieve this style within your own home, the key design aesthetics are as follows:

White Everywhere

Design Circus

No longer do you need to be concerned with what color to paint the walls or what color backsplash tile to go with, because the answer is always white. Clean, fresh, and invigorating, a white room can be uplifting for the mind and create ease within yourself.


Design Circus

When in doubt, throw it out?! Now I know you’re thinking ‘but I like my stuff’, but consider this, when was the last time you used or enjoyed that item? With Scandinavian style there is no need for anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Keep things as simple as possible and give away anything in excess. This is great for those who want to focus on organizing for the new year!

Warmth with Wood and Texture

My Scandinavian Home

With a lot of white a space can feel very sterile, so it’s not a bad idea to add some plush rugs and pillows, as well as some warm wood furniture. This will offset the vast amount of white and give your eye a point of focus in the room.

Add Life with Greenery

My Scandinavian Home

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…every space should have some plants! Whether it’s living or faux, greenery can go a long way in a Scandinavian styled home.

Other items to focus on would be to keep the flooring light in color, enlarge your view and do away with window treatments, pay attention to detail, and keep it eco-friendly. While I can go on and on about key components to this style and all that it can do for you I’ll keep it short. Give this style a try and see what you think. Can you declutter your life and live in a minimalist space?



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