Mighty Mustard Yellow

Posted by on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 in Interior Design.

If November could be summed up into one color I would have to say it would be mustard yellow. This color is everywhere this time of year; from the leaves on the trees to the warm golden glow of the sunset, mustard yellow can be spotted all month long. Which is great because I really enjoy this color. I think it’s flattering on most people and can coordinate so well within so many styles of decor. Whether it is used as an accent or is the star of the show, mustard yellow has a warmth to it that is just so inviting and serene.

Mustard Yellow Accent Kitchen

Contemporary/Industrial Kitchen

When I found this design I was so excited! I love yellow with gray. Honestly, I think it warms up what would otherwise be a cold gray space. In this case it adds a farmhouse flair to this modern/industrial kitchen.

Mustard Yellow Home Exterior

Tudor Home

I adore this home and how it shows brown with the gray. It comes off as being a bit more traditional as far as color schemes go, but that’s alright by me! Seeing this home in this color makes me realize that I don’t think any other color would be as grand. It’s so fitting with the Tudor style.

Mustard Yellow Home Accents

Just for fun, here are a few items I found that I thought were perfect for adding that touch of mustard to your home.

1. Modern, fun, and dimensional, this geometric blue and yellow print is great for any room of the house.
2. Everyone needs a warm knit blanket this time of year.
3. Spicy mustard by Benjamin Moore.
4. This feather print pillow is great for fall!
5. Add a bit of flair to your furniture or cabinetry with this knob.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas because there’s a lot more where that came from!



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