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Posted by on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 in Interior Design.

They say diamonds are a girls best friend; well, the same could be said for tiffany blue! I have been gravitating toward this color a lot this season. You may have seen Lauren and I in our coordinating blue tanks posing in our athletic wear. After that I realized that I have a lot of athletic items in tiffany blue. From clothing to my yoga mat, I can’t escape it! On that note, I have noticed lately that many home builders and even clients of mine are including spaces in their home for an in-home gym. I love this idea because I workout at home myself, and I think it would be fun to design my own gym space. Guess what color would I pick…tiffany blue of course!

So, I am sharing with you some inspiration for this bright and cheery blue within a home gym. I hope you feel inspired and consider turning your gym into a fun and enjoyable space, because let’s face it, working out is tough and I could use the pick-me-up!

The Telega
Home Basement Gymnasium and Dance Studio

Above Images: Decoist | Oakwood Homes – The Telega | Lowe’s – Home Gym Makeover | Rule4 Building Group – Home Basement Gym | One Three Design – Georgian Drive Residence

Now, how about a good workout? There’s nothing to it but to do it!! With summer right around the corner I have been trying hard to be ‘bikini ready’. These spaces would definitely get me there faster, that’s for sure. As always, enjoy and thanks for reading!



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