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Posted by on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Interior Design.

We are now one month into the New Year! I hope everyone is off to a great start with their new goals. I have started with organizing my things, one space at a time, while continually working on my time management. One thing I learned so far is to pace myself, and make sure that I set attainable goals as I move forward. In other words, don’t push yourself too hard!

About a month ago I shared with you my new year’s resolution, time management, and I can tell you that it is going well! The first thing I started with was organizing my life. You know, sorting through my belongings and purging what I no longer need, along with writing out my daily to-do’s to stay on track in my day. Having better organization will allow me to perform my daily tasks with less effort. If what I need is easy to access and all in one place, I no longer have to search for things or find myself distracted.

Let’s Get Organized

The Mountain View Cottage

To get started with organizing, I made a list of the spaces I wanted to focus on. Feel free to put them on the calendar so that you make time to get the task done. Always give yourself more time than less – it’s a trying process! You will need time to completely clear the space, sort through the items (purge, keep, donate), and put your belongings back in while applying a new organizing system.

Martha Stewart

The kitchen seemed like the perfect place to start since it is a space I use A LOT. I know everyone can benefit from organizing their food storage containers because it often explodes in the cupboard every time you go in there. Enjoy these ideas on how to tame those pesky containers. I still have yet to tackle the kitchen sink cabinet. I’m looking here for some much needed tips.

Please visit our Organization Pinterest Board for more ideas and tips. Trust me, the more help you can get in this are the better. Thanks for reading and take care!



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