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This morning it is dark, cold, and raining outside. It’s not exactly the type of day that allows you to draw the shades and let natural light pour into the room. Fortunately I have lighting within my living room that will suffice, but do you?

When it comes to lighting your home there is a lot to know and take into consideration. Think about it – if you want to perform a task in the space, you will need direct lighting. For a room with a television or computer, you may want the opportunity to dim the lights so you don’t get glare or reflections on the screen. In the bedroom it is nice to have ambient lighting so that you can relax and get comfortable. These thoughts are just a few of many to account for when layering lighting in your home. Let’s take a closer look.

Lighting Layers

Ambient lighting is the most widely used and is also known as general lighting. Consider it as the lights you would use to supplement natural light. It can include centrally located ceiling mounted light fixtures such as a flush-mount fixture, or even recessed can lights. This is best when the light can be controlled with a dimmer, allowing you to soften the appearance and set the mood.

Task lighting is exactly as it sounds, for tasking! Direct lighting that can allow you to function better in the space, and some examples include pendant lights, table or pharmacy lamps, and sconces. Having a lamp that can be adjusted and maneuvered is nice so you can literally focus on the task at hand.

Accent lighting is a great way to emphasize your favorite artwork and accessories, or create drama in a room. Have fun with uplighting a plant or the stone on the fireplace. It is very concentrated lighting that is meant to draw your eye to that focal point.

Stick with this framework and you will have no problem staying inside on a rainy day! Before I go, I do want to show you a couple of light fixtures that I enjoy…

Fun Lighting Designs

Tom Dixon

The world of lighting is so vast that it can almost be overwhelming! Lately I have been into the industrial design style and found this pendant and felt I had to share it. Tom Dixon, designer of the Cog Stack Pendant, was inspired by “the often unloved and un-noticed knurling, the precision of cogs and the tools that go into manufacturing them”.

Nadja Swarovski’s Home | Tord Boontje

I love all things that sparkle, and instantly fell in love with the Blossom Chandelier by Tord Boontje. Utilizing Swarovski crystals, the shape and form of the chandelier dances as light bounces off of every angle. Nadja Swarovski has a couple of these in her home, as seen above, and in different colors too. How divine!

Well, thanks for reading everyone! I hope the new year is off to a wonderful start and let us know if you have any ideas for posts or questions for us. We’re happy to answer and love to hear from you!



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