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Posted by on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 in Interior Design.

There are a lot of different styles being used in interior design lately, but there has been one that dominates the scene. I’m talking about mid century modern design. A lot of trends come and go, but this seems to have a large impact and has been dictating the way I design merely because it is so highly liked and asked for by so many people. So, I thought I would share with you just some of the colors I have been using in this design theme.

These colors, whether used for paint or upholstery, are the main colors I have been using to create this throwback look. The wood, walnut, is what is most often used in this look. I love the warmth that it has and its ability to coordinate with both the vibrant and muted colors involved. Often I will mix and match large, bold geometric patterns. The point is to have fun with it!

Above is another color scheme that I have been using to create a light and airy feel. The softer, subdued colors are timeless and navy is a great neutral. Everyone is desiring gray over brown so I have been doing a lot of driftwood finish in flooring, palette walls, and furniture. I absolutely love this look and the sophistication that goes along with it.

In the comments let us know what you prefer, mid century modern or light and airy! We are always happy to hear your input and would love to assist if you desire these color trends or others in your home.



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