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Shelving is a great way to feature some of your favorite collections of books or items you gathered on your travels, just as long as you know how to show them off! One of the biggest areas that I find people struggle with is their display shelving. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to even start in how to properly showcase your items, let alone choosing what to feature. That said, here are some ideas, tips, and tricks of how best to organize what many may consider to be their prized possessions.


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Whether it is a free standing bookshelf or wall brackets with shelves, you need to first choose what type of shelving to use for your collection. The number and variety of items you are working with will quickly dictate how large of a space is needed, as well as the shelving size. A great place to start, if you do not have built-in shelving, is with a furniture piece that has both closed and open storage. Also, something with adjustable shelving is nice for variety and customization. If doing brackets with shelves, be sure to measure your items first and work off of the largest piece to be able to accommodate it into the design.

Arrangement & Display

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I love variety in displays, and it is very easy to accomplish if you use the following tricks. First, refrain from lining up your books in one neat row. Instead stack a few horizontally every so often in between your upright books. Then, use this spot as a resting place for some of your favorite trinkets.

Color Blocking Book Styling

Next, if your book collection is not uniform in color, you can face the spine to the back, or wrap your books for a more uniform appearance. Check out this DIY book wrapping post by Delicious Reads to easily do this. It’s fun to color block the books as well, adding a sense of whimsy to the room.

Lastly, try to place items in odd numbered groupings, and don’t feel like you have to fill the entire shelf. By putting an odd number of items together to one side or centered, it creates more of a focal point and allows for blank space, giving your eye a spot to rest.

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I hope these tips helped and encouraged you to reorganize your shelving to create a bigger impact in your space. If you need further assistance feel free to ask! We would love to help you in your home in order to create a space that you enjoy. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!



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