5 Fun Ideas for Christmas Decorations

Posted by on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 in Interior Design.

With just a few days left until Christmas it’s go time! Hopefully everyone out there has all of their holiday shopping done and can avoid the crowds this week. Luckily I don’t have many to buy for so mine were done a while ago. There is one thing that I waited until the last minute to do…and that’s the Christmas decorations. Can you believe it?! Well, I do have my tree up and trimmed nicely, with the stockings hanging aside it on the wall. However, I don’t have any other decorations up, and therefore it’s not feeling quite like Christmas!

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays there are a few things that I recommend to make it easier yet much more impactful. First, don’t overdo it! It can be easy to keep adding holiday cheer to a room, but if things are kept minimal, it’s easier on you and can be more appealing overall. Take this minimalist tree for instance.

Modern Christmas Tree

Even though red and green seem to be the iconic colors to Christmas, dare to be different! Do a modern color scheme with turquoise and silver, or work with a theme such as owls. Your guests will feel refreshed and amazed if you think outside the box.

Colorful Holiday Decor

I love the smell of pine, or anything woodsy for that matter, and I am always recommending more greenery within a home. It’s so easy and does so much for a space. For the holiday try draping a great length on your fireplace, or wind it around your stair rail. Wreaths are another easy way to add some greenery.

Holiday Greenery

Add accessories that are easy to swap with your existing such as pillows, throw blankets, rugs and artwork. It’s just a matter of making the switch from storage to living space and vice versa. SO quick and easy. I love these from Pillows of Plenty. What conversation starters!

Don’t have room for a tree? Get creative and do one on the wall! There’s no limit to what you can use or how you can arrange it, but by having a ‘wall’ tree it is out of the way and you can still have some Christmas tree lights to set the mood.

DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the rest of the week and have fun with your family and friends during this special time of year. I hope Santa brings lots of wonderful gifts to each and every one of you!



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