Original Design Process
Let us take you through the original design process.


Fill Out Form
Fill out form and select appropriately from the drop-down menu what we will be working on together. Let us know in the comments further information about your project and click ‘submit’.


Let’s Talk
We will reply within 1-3 business days by email with more information about our pricing and set up a phone consult to discuss the project, and to get to know one another and see that we are a good fit.


Project Discussion
Arrangements will be made to discuss the scope of the project(s). An estimate of our design fees will be given to you after this meeting and a legal form to guarantee services and payment will need to be signed by both parties.


Design Development
We will take into account all of what was discussed to develop 3-5 design ideas per furniture piece. These will be presented either as hand sketches and renderings or computer generated renderings. This typically takes about a day per piece but can vary depending on the scale of the project.


Another meeting will be arranged to present our preliminary designs and gain feedback through email, telephone and/or Skype communications. Final design plans may be developed at this point depending on the scale of the project.


If changes to the design(s) were requested then we will present final design(s) via email within 1-2 business days. If larger changes are required this could take more time.


Final Renderings
We will create final renderings at this time either by hand or computer (3D renderings are available but will be more time intensive and therefore be more expensive) and sent to the customer for one last approval.


AutoCAD Details
Once final designs have been agreed upon we will create technical manufacturing details for each piece in AutoCAD. This usually takes 1-2 business days per piece, depending on their complexity.


Complete Package
You will receive a final package with all of your renderings and AutoCAD files along with an invoice for payment. (All payments must be payed within 30 days of invoice creation)


Optional Critiques
If you require critiques and changes to manufactured pieces further follow-up arrangements can be made.