Faux Bois Box on Stand

Posted by on Thursday, September 29th, 2016 in Furniture Design.

Since my recent improvement in productivity, I have been able to finish so many of the projects I started months ago! I am excited to share with you today one of my most recent accomplishments, the Faux Bois Box on Stand! I had this redesign in my head for months and it was exciting to finally see it come to life.

Box on Stand: Before

Steph and I originally picked up this piece at the Allegan Antiques Market. I absolutely loved the size and shape of this piece and it was in great shape! Out of all of the pieces at the market, this was the only one we took home.

Box on Stand: Top in Progress

The one design element I knew I wanted to add to this piece was my signature herringbone inlay. The top of this piece lent itself perfectly to this application. In the image below I was just experimenting to make sure I would like the herringbone look. I later randomized the inlay pieces, filled in the gaps and gave them a few coats of stain to match the rest of the piece.

Faux Bois Box on Stand

It wasn’t until I was in my favorite local paper shop, 6.25 Paper Studio, where I spotted a fantastic wrapping paper, that a design finally started to take shape. That paper is now in the bottom of the Faux Bois Box on Stand. The color direction, as you will see, was entirely inspired by this paper.

Another huge design inspiration for this piece was Steph’s post on faux boix painting technique. I fell in love and just knew I had to incorporate it into this piece.

For a finishing touch, I replaced the original hardware with a couple of Ripe Mellon Pulls from Anthropologie. I also hand painted stripes where the box nests into the stand, so you get a plesant surprise when you remove the box!

If this piece makes you even half as happy as it makes me, then I have accomplished my design goal. So without further ado, here is the finished piece!

What will I work on next you may ask? Not to fear, there is still plenty in the pipeline!

Anyone that has taken a thorough look at our website knows that I have been planning on adding an online shop since our site went live back in February. I have really wanted to build an inventory before taking on this task and have been working diligently on doing just that. In the pipeline so far I have a couple of trays and an awesome wingback chair. I am working on more, but these are the pieces I would like to complete before the store goes live. If you would like to purchase the Foxy Lady’s Writing Desk, Plaid Party Cocktail Table, or this awesome new Faux Bois Box on Stand before the store is up please contact me!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far! Please visit back tomorrow for our post on awesome athletic W.E.A.R. for autumn!



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