Plaid Party Cocktail Table

Posted by on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 in Furniture Design.

Today I am thrilled to share with you a project that I just finished this week! I have been working on a mid century modern cocktail table for a while and it has finally gotten warm enough for me to work on it out in my workshop again.

The table was originally stained a dark brown to match the top, had some caning detail on the apron and was missing some trim around the caning. I sanded the entire piece down and removed all of the trim and caning detail. To replace the caning I first experimented with a couple of different inlay patterns before finally deciding on and applying a chevron pattern.

On top of making the piece more visually appealing I also wanted to add to its functionality by adding a drawer. To do this I first removed one side of the apron, built a drawer and used the apron piece as the drawer front. I then added bright orange paint to the sides of the drawer, a drawer liner on the bottom of the drawer made from a local paper printer, and installed the drawer into the table.

I then painted the rest of the piece black white and gold, stained the inlay to match the top and added black trim pieces around the inlay. I also added a mid century knob, and a handmade tassel to finish off the drawer.

Lastly, to tie in the black trim and stretchers, I added some hand painted marbling to the legs.

I’m not going to lie, I am pretty smitten with this piece and think it would make a fantastic addition to a MCM living room! It will be available on our website as soon as our shop goes live, which will hopefully happen sometime this summer. If you like this piece and you don’t want to wait for the online shop you can contact me for pricing details. You can also always contact me for a custom redesign and we can create a one of a kind piece together!



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