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Posted by on Friday, April 29th, 2016 in Fashion.

Let’s get down to business! As far as work attire goes, the rules nowadays of a full suit with a white blouse have gone out the window. Women are now wearing colored blouses, with or without a suit coat, and things have become a bit more relaxed. Lauren and I would like to show you acceptable, work worthy attire options for the modern day business woman.

Here, Lauren is wearing all neutrals with white on the bottom and black on top. The lighter pant is a fantastic look for spring/summer and by doing a black top with white accent it pulls the outfit together. Instead of doing a suit coat Lauren chose to do a knit cardigan, again, perfect for the warmer months of the year. She is ready to go from day to night just by removing the cardigan and applying a colored lipstick!

I have chosen to do a matching suit and paired it with a colored blouse. The 3/4 sleeve is a nice option for spring/summer. Same goes for the cropped pant. In doing a color it gives the look more personality, but be sure to keep things conservative in color to remain professional.

A basic rule of thumb when dressing formally is to wear a minimum of three pieces when doing a pant. To explain, this would include a pant, top, and jacket/sweater/cardigan. The guidelines change a bit with a dress or skirt, but I hold true to the rule of three when in doubt. Add some jewelry and you’re ready for whatever the day will bring! Enjoy these tips and let us know how they work for your work wear wardrobe!



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