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Posted by on Friday, May 27th, 2016 in Fashion, Health & Fitness.

The weather here in West Michigan has been beautiful, sunny and warm this week, so Steph and I decided to take advantage on Tuesday and get some exercise at the park. The images below show some examples of what we would normally wear to exercise on a nice warm day.

Steph’s Outfit

Steph is sporting a light blue tank with grey capris and athletic shoes. I love the bright color choice for the shirt, it makes exercising seem a bit more fun and appealing. The form fitting grey capris were a good compliment to the blue and were a good choice for our 70° evening jog.

Lauren’s Outfit

I am also sporting a light blue tank and black shorts. I generally try to wear this particular shade of blue or a coral color to match my bright trail running sneakers. Again, the cheery colors also help to make the experience of working out more enjoyable. I chose to wear my shorts because they were a nice neutral color (all of my capris are crazy colors) and the length was more appropriate for the warmer weather than my jogging leggings.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but you have probably noticed how well we coordinated, this was in no way planned. Steph showed up at my house in her blue and grey and said “nice shirt, I like the color” and we both had a good laugh. That being said, we are both apparently really digging this light blue color for Spring and Steph has even painted her toenails this color.

Are you enjoying this bright blue color for Spring? Are you feeling motivated to get into some colorful athletic wear and get out and exercise? Let us know in the comments below!



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